Race Charger Review

Race Charger ReviewRace Phone Charger – Keeping Your Device Alive and Well

How many micro USB or lightning cables have broken on you? Those little metal pieces at the end of them are pretty flimsy. Use them too much, and that little piece snaps off and the whole cord becomes useless. Now you’ve got to shill out fifteen to twenty dollars for a new one, just to have it break again in a couple of months. Today, we’re looking into a product that may be able to put an end to your charging woes. It’s called the Race Charger. With one of these devices, you could make sure that your phone never goes without a charge again. If you’d like to know more about this futuristic device, just keep reading. But, if you’re ready to order your Race Charger wireless phone charger right now, click any of the links on this page that say GET IT NOW, and you’ll end up right where you need to be.

We’ve looked into a lot of gadgets, and today, we’re going to see how this one stacks up against the others that we’ve looked at. We don’t want you to get duped into buying another device that just doesn’t work. We’re here to help! In our Race Charger review, we’ll tell you about this product’s features, price, and how you can order yours today! If you’re ready to get started, so are we!

Race Wireless Phone Charger

Race Charger Features

  • Rapid Charging – This was designed to be one of the fastest charging stations on the market. A lot of wireless pads take forever to charge a phone. This one was made to get your phone to a full charge faster than others!
  • Universal Compatibility – This charging station works with both iOS and Android devices.
  • Ease of Use – All you have to do is place your phone on the Race Charger pad to start charging. No more messy or broken wires!
  • Slick Design – Some of these pads can be bulky or ugly looking. This one is made to look thin and sleek. Not only that, it’s only supposed to take up the absolute minimum amount of space.

How Does Wireless Charging Work?

On the back of wireless charging enabled devices, there’s an electromagnet. It’s a complicated process, but the electromagnet interacts with the material of the pad, and it gives your phone a charge. You can read a more detailed description of how they work here, but the basic idea is that you just place your phone and the pad and Boom! It charges, no wires, no mess, no problem!

Race Charger Price

Some wireless charges run over $100! This one isn’t nearly that expensive. Not only is just one device less expensive than the competition, you can save a bunch if you order multiple devices at once. Here’s how much the Race Charger costs:

  1. 1 Device = $49.97
  2. 2 Devices = $47.97/ each
  3. 3 Devices = $38.97/ each
  4. 4 Devices = $36.97/ each
  5. 5 Devices = $33.97/each

Race Charger Warranty

If you’re concerned at all about purchasing one of these, don’t be. For just $9.99, you can get a Race Charger lifetime warranty. That means that whatever happens to it, the manufacturer will replace it at no cost to you! Find us a micro-USB or lightning cable that offers that kind of product security.

Race Charger Summary

We’re very excited about this product. If you’re sick of dealing with those cables, getting them tangled up in other stuff, having them break, you’ve come to the right place. The Race Charger pad is the perfect solution to ditching those wires and decluttering your life. It’s high-tech, powerful, uniquely designed and cost-effective. If you want to order the Race Charger right now, click any of the links on this page, and you’ll end up right where you need to be to begin your purchase. What are you waiting for?

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